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Every business that sends letters need a franking machine and here is why…

mailbase speed franking machine1. You can preselect the postage to be paid, so if you are sending out hundreds of invoices that all weigh the same and going out in the same sized envelope you would not need to reset the price after each one. You can also attach a conveyor stacker to more modern models.

2. Consumables such as ink, printer ribbons and toner can often be ordered by using the control panel of your equipment.

3. Increase the productivity of your post room staff by improving time management and reducing time wasting opportunities for your staff, no longer will they need to run around the office looking for the 1 remaining stamp, it’s all there in your equipment. If you run out of credit most machines can be topped up online. The post stacker that you can order as a handy extra to your machine, will ensure that envelopes are printed neatly and stacked ready to go to the post office rather than having an employee fiddling with the pile of post and then the letters coming through with the address lines not straight, it’s not a very professional image to present.

4. This type of office equipment is very cost effective, not only are you are likely to benefit from a discount from the post office on all your post. This is simply because they pass on some of the savings to you, because it is much cheaper for them to handle franked mail rather than stamped mail.

5. Another nifty little attachment you can add to your franking machine, if it is not built already in, is the electronic postal scale that will provide you with the most accurate weight for your item saving you money on guesstimating the correct amount of postage for the unusual item, which can cost you money by creating bad will with a customer who, has had to traipse to the post office to pick up a letter that has not had enough postage on it, or by saving you the pounds that pile up in expenses as you try to avoid the underpaid letter and end up over paying on a lot of your mail.

6. You can build your brand; many of the newer models have a feature that will allow you to print your logo, company name, a special offer, or even seasonal greetings to add that personal touch.

7. The digital element of the most modern franking machine will also make audit time go a lot smoother, because the date and postage paid will be available as a report, this feature can often create several work folders so that you can tell which department sent what.

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