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Best photocopier quotes for small businesses


Business printers, photocopiers & fax machine quotes from leading suppliers


Most if not all modern offices need a photocopier for employee use. Copier, copy machine and most commonly known as some photocopier employees in the office will have use for it often. |Whether if you are a one man start up or a large organisation at one point you will need to copy documents for business reason.


It can be daunting to find the right copier machine for your business with the vast array of photocopier options on the market. This guide aims to help to help you through making the right decision on your copier choice based on your requirements.


Setting yourself a budget firstly is a fantastic way to eliminate some of the copier options. Photocopiers come in all shapes, sizes, brands and have varied capabilities.  Before you can set a budget you need to have a good idea of the price ranges of the different types of commercial office copiers on the market. Price varies immensely with entry level photocopiers costing around £50 whilst industrial photocopiers can cost anywhere over £20,000.


Entry Level photocopier are ideal for home use or small businesses with less than 5 employees. You can pick one up for as little as £50.


Colour Photocopiers are popular with small or medium businesses that require coloured printing often. A good business colour photocopier can cost up to between £1,000 – £5,000. Price will vary depending on brand, features and performance.


Multifunctional copiers are ideal for both medium and large businesses who need their copier to do more than printing. They can fax a document, print, scan and also email documents amongst many other features depending on the model type. For a good model prices tend to start at around £4000 if you wanted to buy a model outright for your business.


Industrial photocopiers can cost anywhere between £10,000 to £25000. These a for big players who print a lot with a heavy requirement in providing quality prints in enormous quantities.


Should you buy or rent a photocopier?


More than an expected number of businesses choose to rent or lease the copiers. This option allows small businesses to save capital that would have been associated with buying a copier. If anything goes wrong with the copier also the manufacturer agreement is usually in place where they would troubleshoot and fix the copier if there are any issues.


Large companies on the other hand have the capital and often want to own their copier machine so therefore tend to buy in full rather that rent or lease. This option is good if you have the funds to do this – it also ensures you are not tied into a contract with the providers and can consider the copier machine as a business asset.


If you are a business that prints a lot it is important to have the right business photocopier machine to meet your business needs. There are several considerations you must think of when picking your copier such as


What is the size of your business?

How much copies occur in the business daily?

What is the budget that you are willing to spend on a photocopier?

How many photocopiers does your business need?


Once you have answered these questions at a minimum you can start thinking of any additional features you may require from the copier. This can all be quite daunting if you are not fully sure of the options available to you. We aim to make this easier for businesses by providing you quotes and advice from leading suppliers in the market.


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