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Key Phone Systems


Key phone systems are usually used by small companies consisting of less than 50 employees. A key system has telephones with many keys and lights indicating the lines in use. Whenever you need to make a call, you press a button to directly select the telephone company’s phone lines. Key systems typically have one unit that acts as controller for a few lines for a limited number of extensions. Key systems are usually found in smaller companies where fewer features are required.


The features are basic. Hold buttons, lights, intercoms, paging, speakerphones, privacy, music-on-hold, long-distance restriction, timers, and memory dialing are the features key phone systems generally have. Key phone systems have specific uses. They are usually used in small business or large homes needing more than two lines and all the users need direct access to the lines. And key systems also give the users extra features not available on standard single or two line phones. Key system telephones have keys which allow you to directly select phone lines that we external to either your house’s or business’ system. The sets have keys that will allow you to activate and use features that have been already programmed on the set.


The features available on a key telephone system are a lot more than the general phone systems. Conference calling, hold, intercom with other key sets and calling other telephone sets within the office or home without using an outside line are the general features of a key telephone. And by using a key telephone system, you can directly select specific lines from outside. PBX users are usually needed to dial a digit to secure access to an outside line but the caller doesn’t get to know which line they are using to communicate. Incoming calls show up on the key sets on the line that was called. Incoming calls go to a central switch and are redirected to extensions. A key system has a central control unit which is usually installed in the telephone room. It is made at or near the place where outside lines enter the building or office rooms. Sets are cabled from that room sometimes with intermediate wiring closets.


Key phones systems aren’t very fancy but they can be what you need. They aren’t exactly hassle free, but the simplicity of the operation works well. There definitely are a lot of better options available but then everything else isn’t this simple either.

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