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4 Line Business Phone System

A four line phone system is essentially a system which allows you to connect four telephone lines to a single phone. In effect, you can receive four calls at the same time since you have four lines connected to your phone. It is a very useful feature for people who actually need it.


These 4 line phone systems are used extensively in offices having a small number of employees. Some people also install such lines in their homes but this is primarily a small business oriented service. Instead of using a fully fledged PBX system, which is a lot costlier, these offices can use four phone lines to accomplish their job. It may seem that four line phone systems don’t work for offices with anything more than a handful of employees but they really do great in case the office runs on a shared phone model. This means that a single telephone line is used by two to four employees. Suppose a cubicle is occupied by four people, then having a single line there would reduce the requirement for having multiple lines. A 4 way cordless telephone too might be good idea if it meets your needs in a better way.


But if your employees receive calls very frequently, then it will be advisable to look at this system of four lines. This is an assessment every business will have to make. It is also important to know that before you buy a phone system, you must take into consideration the fact that one line must be kept free at all times so that you are able to receive calls.


A four line phone system is also called a multi line phone system. This kind of a setup makes it possible for multiple clients to be speaking to office workers at the same time. Waiting for an open phone line would mean the loss of valuable time. This is where such a system comes to the fore. Such a four line telephone system would be supervised by a receptionist who would receive the calls and put them through to the right person by a separate line. There are systems which have an auto attendant which would put you across to the person you would want to talk to via an extension code.


These four line phone systems are feature rich and you need to choose the ones you may need. Top manufacturers sell these phones either in a fixed or cordless form, depending on what you may need.

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