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Top 8 Portable Mobile Card Reader Providers – Updated January 2020


mobile card machines for small businesses



If you are about to start a new business then buying a portable mobile credit card machine may be the most cost-effective option for you. We all know as businesses traditionally you would have needed to take out a merchant account with one of the big providers such as Worldpay, Barclays or Sagepay if you wanted to accept card payments. However the emergence of mobile card readers has giving small businesses a quick, cost effective solution to taking card payments.


How do mobile card reader work?


Mobile card reader devices connect to Android/Apple smartphone through wi-fi or Bluetooth. Although the individual transaction fee is higher than traditional credit card terminal machine it works out more economical because there are no lengthy contracts or rental fees to pay.


Top 8 Mobile Card Reader Machines- Accept Payment on Your Phone. 1


Mobile card reader comparison uk

UK Mobile Card Readers Compared
Updated 4/12/2018
UK Mobile Card Readers Compared
Updated 4/12/2018
Provider Price Transaction Fee Payout to Bank Devices Support
Izettle £29.00 1.75 1-2 business days IOS/Android Available 9-5pm by phone or email
Sumup £29.00 1.69% 3-5 business days IOS/Android Free telephone & email support
Paypal Here £45 plus VAT 1%-2.75%* Usually within 1 day IOS/Android Support team 8am-10pm Monday to Friday.
Square £39 plus VAT 1.75% 1-2 business days IOS/Android Support 9-5pm Monday - Saturday
Worldpay Zinc NA NA NA NA NA
Barclaycard Anywhere £29 + VAT 1.6% 1-2 day IOS/Andriod NA

*Please note: Sign-up to Worldpay Zinc mobile card machine is currently unavailable.


1. IZettle Reader


izettle card reader

IZettle has made payments secure, easy to process and quick to set up. It was initially launched in Sweden in 2011, and since then it is being used by businesses across UK, Norway, France, Italy, Netherlands, Mexico, Germany, Brazil and Spain.


An updated version of the iZettle mobile card reader was recently launched in the market which costs  £29. It charges via a USB cable or if you have iZettle dock than its more convenient. Once fully charged it has a battery life of 8 hours and can process chip and pin, contactless and magnetic stripe payments from all major credit cards including Diners Club International.


IZettle is a compact mobile card reader which connects to a smartphone app allowing the flexibility to take payments anywhere. It is a truly revolutionary system which functions on a pay-as-you-go model. It accepts all cards including Visa, Maestro, MasterCard and American Express. There is a 1.75% fee involved, and the maximum amount allowed per transaction is £5000.


It is easy to start accepting payments within a matter of minutes. You are required to have a card reader and install the iZettle app. Once you have made your iZettle account, you are ready to go. The entire system is hosted on a PCI DSS server with round the clock surveillance.


You can acquire certain Add-ons for a £20 monthly fee. These include an iZettle dock, barcode scanner, cash drawer and printing receipts.


Visit Izettle Website


2. SumUp Card Reader


sumup card machine

SumUp is a dedicated mobile card machine provider that is very much like the iZettle. They have been providing services across 11 countries in Europe since launching in 2012 and are now expanding globally. In 2016 they merged with another provider Payleven allowing them to process more than 1 billion Euros worth of transactions.


There is no contract and no paperwork with the SumUp mobile card machine; you just need to apply. The device is compatible with chip and pin, magnetic swipe and contactless cards.


SumUp is authorised by FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and is certified by PCI DSS and EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa). It costs about £19+ VAT to buy this device, and you get free delivery. You also get a free smartphone app, free telephone and email support and a free dashboard with reporting options. You can print, SMS or email receipts for each transaction. It offers the best fee structure of 1.69% in the UK beating iZettle.


Visit Sumup Website



3. Paypal Here Card Reader


paypal here card reader

Paypal Here is PayPal’s mobile card machine solution. As one of the biggest names in the online payments industry it was a smart move by them to start providing mobile payment options for small businesses to enable them to start taking card payments via mobile phones. It is the choice of many start-ups and small businesses who want a quick solution. The Paypal Here machine is more expensive than iZettle and SumUp and costs £45 plus VAT.


Paypal Here accepts most mobile card payment options such as Apple Pay and Android Pay. There is no monthly fee involved, and payments reach your Paypal account within seconds. The transaction fee starts at 2.75% but can drop to as little 1% which is lower than SumUp although their fee structure is a bit complex to understand.


If you already have a Paypal Business account, then it should not take too long to set up Paypal Here. You can manage online and offline payments in one place with this option.


You can also buy add-on features to extend the functionality of your Paypal Here card reader. These features include POS mounts, fast charge cradles, Bouncepad and Taxi Cab bundle.


Paypal Here is a truly versatile solution as it allows 200 people to connect with one account each having their own password and level of access. It has a dedicated UK based customer service hotline, so there is help on hand whenever you need it.


Visit Paypal Website


4. Worldpay Zinc Card Machine


Wordlpay Zinc card reader machine

Worldpay zinc is the mobile card machine solution provided by the largest credit card processing company in the UK. They offer a range of online and offline payment processing services. It has a basic card reader which is available for £39.99. The only disadvantage is that is does not support contactless payments at the moment. However, it does accept card payments over the phone and in person.


Worldpay Zinc’s mobile card machine provides secure chip and pin solutions for a fee of 2.7% per transaction. The keypad comes with a 12-month warranty and is compatible with iPhone, Android, laptop and tablets. It does not require any monthly fee, and there are no lengthy commitments or long-term contracts.


They do not offer any add-ons however you can connect to Bluetooth and print receipts yourself. You can also access Worldpay Zinc’s online portal to process phone transactions.


Worldpay Website


5. Square Card Reader


Square Card Reader

The Square card reader sells for £39.99 and is made by Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey who created Square Inc. It has a sleek, compact design which is aesthetically pleasing.


Square mobile card readers plugs into both Android and IOS phones. It is compatible with chip and pin, magstripe and contactless credit/debit cards. Square charges 1.75% flat fee on each transaction and provide next-day settlement on most transactions. In the UK, you can download Square’s app and point of sale software for free. The app allows businesses to monitor their stock, sales and print receipts.


This device comes with a backup magnetic reader for times when chip cannot be read to allow businesses to accept payments from magnetic swipe cards. The square card reader is only available in four other countries. UK, Canada, Australia and US.


It has a long battery life that lasts up to 500 transactions before it depletes.


Square Website



6. Barclaycard Anywhere Card Reader

Top 8 Mobile Card Reader Machines- Accept Payment on Your Phone. 2




The Barclaycard Anywhere app and card reader allows businesses to take card payments through their mobile device. With the capability to accept all major credit cards on an Android or iOS device it is the ideal card payment solution for small mobile businesses who are always on the go such as plumbers and hairdressers. Barclays offer a one off payment of £29 + VAT for the card reader on  PAYG so you are not tied into any contract. Transaction fees are charged at 1.6%. This makes it perfect and more affordable than its competitors for businesses who do not take high volume payments but take payments occasionally.


Barclaycard Website


7. PayAnywhere Card Reader


PayAnywhere card reader

PayAnywhere conveniently accepts payments from credit/debit cards by using a dongle and smartphone. All you need to get started is to create a PayAnywhere account and the credit card reader is shipped to you quickly.


The device works with a broad range of Android/IOS phones and tablets however serious sellers should invest in a more robust device. It also lacks some of the modern features that other expensive devices offer.


Setting up the account and the reader itself is free of cost however you incur a fee when you make a sale. PayAnywhere takes a small fixed fee along with a percentage of the transaction. For swiped cards, the fixed fee is $0.19, and the transaction percentage is 2.69. However, if you enter the card details manually, you incur 3.49% plus $0.19.


PayAnywhere is a good option if you are looking for a cheap card reader but it does take a few attempts to set up an account for individual sellers which can be quite inconvenient. This reader also lacks to support EMV chips and the design itself is awkward-looking. In conclusion, if you are a durable card reader with modern features, you should avoid buying this device and save yourself from unnecessary hassle.


Payanywhere Website


8. Shopify Card Reader


Top 8 Mobile Card Reader Machines- Accept Payment on Your Phone. 3The Shopify card reader is now available in the UK.  It’s ideal for merchant who wish to sell their products at markets, trade fairs, instore or on the go. Shopify are known for providing online ecommerce solutions and is the most popular platform for online stores currently. The Spotify card reader bridges the gap between online and offline. Businesses can sign up today and start accepting card payments easily through an internet connection and your mobile phone.




Shopify Website



If a mobile card reader is not for you check out our top 20 card machine providers.


Final Thoughts on card readers


Although the latest mobile card machines are a wonderful addition to payment options available for merchants, traditional card readers should not be overlooked.


The price for buying the traditional card readers may be high for merchants who are starting out and do not expect to take many transaction. Hiring may cost between £15-20 a month so smaller merchants who only take card payments occasionally will need to calculate how many payments they expect to recieve in order to pick the right card payment service for their business needs.


It is a good idea to stick to mobile card readers if your business turnover is less than £5000 a month, but as your business grows and your annual turnover reaches £50,000, you are better off with a traditional card machine.


Top 8 Mobile Card Reader Machines- Accept Payment on Your Phone. 1