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Izettle Review – Perfect for startups, sole traders & small businesses



Izettle provide a mobile card machine and app that is used by thousands of businesses in the UK. The iZettle card machine is compact and makes it possible for business and sole traders to accept card payments anywhere. All you require is a Wifi or 3G/4G connection to make it work. The iZettle card reader is used in conjunction with the iZettle Go App which it can connect to via Bluetooth.


What are the cost of using Izettle

The iZettle Card Reader can be picked up for only £29.99. On their basic Go plan the there is no recurring monthly cost and you will only get charged for card transaction taken. On their GoPlus plan you are billed £29.99 per month. This plan enables you to sell face to face and online.  You will then be charged a transaction fee of 2.5% for every online sale. Card transactions are charged at 1.75%. For businesses in the hospitality it is recommended they sign up for iZettle’s Pro account which is tailored to the hospitality industry. The monthly charge on this plan is £39.99. To use the Pro account, you need to load the iZettle Pro onto your iPad. The solution provides businesses with a modern till system with many features you would expect from an ePos system.


Merchants are provided with analytics, marketing, invoicing and sales tools via the iZettle application. One of the advantages of using iZettle over other mobile card reader is that they accept a vast range of debit and credit cards including Amex and Diners Club. They accept more payment types than any other card reader on the market right now.


What business type is iZettle ideal for?

Izettle is the ideal face to face solution for sole traders, entrepreneurs and start-ups that need to be quickly set up with a flexible modern payment solution. Signing up to iZettle is easy – as with most merchant account providers you will have to undertake a credit check. Once signed up most businesses will receive the card reader within 1-3 working days. The mobile card reader comes ready to use. Once you pair the device with a Bluetooth enabled mobile device you can follow the simple instructions to get started through the iZettle go app.


Our rating: 4.5/5

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