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Chip and pin machines for small businesses


Why does your business need a chip and pin solution?

shop owner taking card machine payments

Any business that want to transact and take payments will benefit from having a chip and pin machine solution for their business. Rather than risk a bounced check or hope that the customer has cash in the wallet which is very rare in the present day. A chip and pin machine allows your business to process the payment efficiently and securely in person, on the go or over the telephone.

How are funds received from chip and pin machines?

Chip and pin machines work much like the checkout person at the grocery store: while they handle the customer’s credit card and process the transaction, they don’t hand over the funds to you themselves. Rather, chip and Pin machines work by transferring a credit card’s information through a secure network. The issuing bank receives the request for the transfer of funds from the credit card’s account to the merchant’s account. The request is approved (so long as the credit card is active, and the funds are available), and the funds are transferred from the issuing bank to the merchant’s bank account, via a network that is setup through a merchant account.

Are chip and pin machines popular?

Chip and Pin card machines are in very high demand and are a must for any business that want to take payments! Unless a business is using the internet as a means of processing credit card transactions via an online payment gateway a chip and in machine is needed to handle transactions. Millions of businesses worldwide use chip and pin machines to ensure they never lose out on customers. The top brands of chip and pin machines include Verifone, Hypercom and Ingenico. Recently mobile chip and pin machines for small businesses have become popular and are provided by companies such as Izettle, Sumup, Paypal Here and Square.

What types of chip and pin readers are available?

While most chip and pin readers look alike, not all of them are alike in how they function! The most basic of chip and pin machines simply process credit cards, with no frills or fancy features. But there are higher end chip and pin machines that come with plenty of capabilities – such as the ability to handle debit cards where pin numbers are entered, or to offer cash back, or to be able to process gift cards (including loading those gift cards with funds!), and even personal checks. Today’s chip and pin machines are better than ever, with the ability to run on batteries, connect to wireless networks, transmit information in just a few seconds, and even accept signatures right on the machines themselves!

Why should I get a chip & pin card reader for my small business?

If your business plans on accepting credit card payment you will need chip and pin machine. Card machines are cost effective, affordable and durable. Without the use of credit card machine solution, you may turn away valuable sales and customers, and give the impression of cheapness and inconvenience. Today’s consumers seek out convenience and efficiency wherever they can find it, and you should definitely jump on the bandwagon and accept card payments through a credit card terminal.


Top 5 Chip and Pin Machine Solution Manufacturers 



1. Ingenico Card Machine


One of the biggest card terminal providers in the world. Ingenico provides credit card terminals in over 170 countries. They have over 32 million terminals distributed to businesses worldwide currently. They are the number one choice with many banks, retailers and small business outlets all over the globe. Over 70% of global retail brands currently use Ingenico card payment machines.
With a wide range of services and solutions for merchants Ingenico allows taking card payments to be a seamless experience. Their product range consists of solutions for both face to face, online or mobile on the go payments.



2. Verifone Chip and Pin Machine


Verifone is the UK’s leader in secure Point of Sale Payments. They are dedicated in enabling merchants to accept card payments without hassle. This in turn enables the merchant to do what they do best – selling their service. Verifone can provide all services required by businesses needing a card payment solution. Verifone cover hardware, software and other services you need to take a payments and receive settlements to your merchant account.
As well as providing card payment terminals they also take advantage of the latest technological changes. Their range includes mobile card payment solutions. Verifone take security very seriously. Security is tightly integrated into every part of their business to ensure both merchants and card holders are protected.

Why should I choose Verifone credit card machines?

Verifone is a very well known brand in the credit card and merchant account industry. Verifone credit card machines have been manufactured and in use for about twenty-five years, and they are the industry standard. Verifone credit card machines are reliable and durable, and offer merchants the most bang for their buck. Time and time again, Verifone has proved that their company and their Verifone credit card machines stand up to the test of time, technology and usage, and so they make a great choice for any merchant who requires credit card processing equipment.

What features do Verifone credit card machines offer?

Verifone credit card machines offer the same features that other brands of credit card machines offer. The basic features included on all models of Verifone credit card machines include the ability to read the magnetic stripe on credit cards via the swipe area on the machine, as well as the ability to accept keyed in information. There are models of Verifone credit card machines that offer receipt print outs. Other features of various Verifone credit card machines include reading and processing personal checks, issuing, reloading and debiting gift cards, and running on battery power and wireless communication networks.

How much can I expect to spend on Verifone credit card machines?

Don’t worry. Even by choosing one of the best known manufacturers of credit card machines — Verifone — you won’t break the bank by choosing to use their terminals.  The Verifone Omni Terminal is one of the best known Verifone credit card machines, and with good reason – they’re durable, reliable, and offer the features merchants need the most, without costing an arm and a leg. 

Are Verifone credit card machines better than other brands?

Verifone credit card machines may not necessarily be better than other brands, just as some computer brands are no better than other brands. If anything, it’s the cost of the Verifone credit card machines that make them so appealing. They are not much more than other brands of credit card terminals, yet they offer amazing features that the other ones don’t have. In addition, there is a lot to be said about customer support. Verifone is known for backing up their sales and Verifone credit card machines, and having the support and expertise of a company behind you can mean a lot.



3. Spire Card Machine 



An independent provider of point of sale hardware and software solutions. Spire has 30 years of experience in the payments industry and uses this to bring innovative solutions to the market. They serve many sectors ranging from finance, to retail and hospitality. Their product range include countertop, portable and mobile terminals as well as pin pads.


What features do Spire credit card machines have?

Spire credit card machines, which are just one type of equipment that Spire manufactures, include countertop machines, handheld, mobile machines, multi-lane machines which are great with quick and foolproof card swiping and transaction processing, pin pads for merchants to be able to accept debit cards, and networking and related software. All Spire credit card machines include the same basic functionality of being able to process a credit card transaction and produce a simplistic receipt. More expensive models of Spire credit card machines are able to process debit cards, checks and even gift cards, and many can do so wirelessly, and with the use of a few batteries. Spire credit card machines can also do read-outs and print-outs of last transaction, specific transactions, and overall history for X amount of days or even months.


4. Hypercom Card Machine

Hypercom provided card payment machines solution. In 2011 they were acquired by Spire Payments.



5. PAX

PAX is a worldwide provider of electronical payment terminal solution. They provide both android and lunix powered payment terminals to merchants. They serve over 100 countries and have 25 million terminals in use worldwide.


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