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Chip and pin machine solutions for small businesses


Why does your business need a chip and pin machine?

shop owner taking card machine payments

Any business that want to transact and take payments will benefit from having a chip and pin machine. In the cashless society we are living in today businesses understand they much accept card payments. A card machine allows your business to process payments efficiently and securely in person, on the go or over the telephone.


How are funds received from chip and pin machines?

Chip and pin machines work much like the checkout person at the grocery store. They handle the customer’s credit card and process the transaction but they don’t hand over the funds to you themselves. Rather, chip and pin machines work by transferring a credit card’s information through a secure network. The issuing bank receives the request for the transfer of funds from the credit card  account to the merchant account. The request is then approved (as long as the credit card is active with available funds). The funds are then transferred from the issuing bank to the merchants bank account, via a network that is setup through a merchant account.


Does my small business need a chip and pin machine?

Chip and Pin card machines are in very high demand and are a must for any business that want to take payments! Unless a business is online processing credit card transactions via an online payment gateway a chip and pin machine is needed. Millions of businesses worldwide use chip and pin machines to ensure they never lose out on customers. The top chip and pin machines manufacturers include Verifone, Hypercom and Ingenico. Recently mobile chip and pin machines for small businesses have become popular. They are provided by companies such as Izettle, Sumup, Paypal Here and Square.


While most chip and pin readers look alike, not all are alike in how they function! The most basic of chip and pin machines simply process credit cards with no fancy features. Higher end chip and pin machines come with plenty of capabilities. Features include accepting contactless payments, customer cash back, refund and gift card processing. Today’s chip and pin machines are better than ever. They run on batteries, connect by wireless, send information in seconds. You can even accept payments with the use of your mobile or tablet device.


Latest Chip & Pin Machines for Businesses (updated June 2020)


There are many different card machine / PDQ machine devices available to businesses. Here we attempt to cover all the latest desktop, portable, mobile and mPOS card payment machine solutions used by businesses.


Portable card machines allow you to take payments to customers

Ingenico Move/5000

Perfect for businesses who need to take payments indoors or outdoors. Its sleek design makes it easy to move. Network features ensure you will never get disconnected no matter where you take the terminal. No matter the business whether if you are taking payments instore, from your taxi or a pop-up exhibition the Move/5000 is capable of meeting your payment needs.


Ingenico Move/3500

This portable device leverages Ingenico’s suite of payment applications to enable EMV chip & pin, swipe, contactless card and NFC Wallet payments. The wireless capabilities allow cashless payments to be taking on the go. The card machine is robust, easy to handle, has a large colour screen and has a great battery life for every day on the go use.


Ingenico Move/2500

Cost efficient compact portable card machine for your business need. It accepts all payment methods and is packed with best in class functionality.


Verifone V400m

Popular POS device for businesses who want to offer loyalty rewards and discount such as restaurants and cafes. The Verifone V400m is a portable card machine that allows you to take payments to your customers. Connectivity includes wifi, Bluetooth and 4G LTE. It is highly durable, compact and easy to handle. Verifone have really focused on usability with the V400m and the textured grips are a great touch.


Verifone VX 690

The VX 690 features a large touchscreen display, built in GPS to track transactions and flexible connectivity solutions to ensure the device stays online and no payments are dropped. Chip and Pin, Contactless, NFC/CTLS and MRS payments methods are all accepted. Loyalty programs and special offers can also be setup through the device.


Verifone VX 680

This portable card machine enables your business can take card payments from anywhere. It supports value added apps which allows merchant to tap into new revenue opportunities. Payment processing is fast and the device is reliable and highly secure.


Spire SPg7

A traditional mobile payment solution which is suitable for any business that takes hundreds of transactions daily instore or on the move. The device comes with a colour display, is highly robust and can meet the most demanding of environments.


Spire SPm2

Spire offer the SPm2 pinpad to optimise customer experience. The device can be paired with the Spire SPc5 countertop card machine to provide a fast and reliable payment solution.


Spire SPp40 PIN Pad

Features a 3.5-inch colour screen with touch and signature capture. This device along with the Spire SPp40 PIN pad has been designed for the retail environment in mind.


Desktop/ Countertop Card Machine allows you to take payments from the counter.


Ingenico Desk/5000

Ingenico countertop Desk/5000 card machine is perfect for businesses that need to take secure instore payments. The device is optimised to improve checkout times and provide a best in class user experience. It features over 2,500 payment apps that allow you to tailor the way your consumers pay and are rewarded. It accepts all payment types and can connect to other POS devices such as the Desk/1000 enabling continuous interaction.


Ingenico Desk/3000

Designed to accept payments at the counter the Desk/3000 accept all payment methods. It is PC-PTS 5x certified making it highly secure so you can be sure cardholder data will be secure. Connectivity can be obtained in several way such as via an entranet cable, modem, GPRS, £G and dual sim.


Ingenico Desk/1000 series

Perfect solution for business who need to accept payments instore at checkout. A budget countertop payment solution which covers all payment solutions such as contactless and chip and pin.


Ingenico iSMP4

Pitched as an enterprise mobile point of sale machine (mPOs) it features and colour display and a market leading battery life. The Ingenico isMP4 is lightweight, features a barcode scanner and accept all different payment types including mobile wallets and NFC. It can handle a high range of transactions instore and out of store making it the ideal payment acceptance device.


Verifone T650c

Modern countertop card machine solution packed with a the latest features in the modern payments environment. The device features a 5.5 inch touch screen which support rich video and audio making the payments experience more dynamic. Transactions are highly secure and all major payment and alternative payment methods are accepted. The device run on Verifone’s locked down of Andriod.


Verifone V400c

High end countertop payment solution by Verifone. The V400c is perfect for small and mid-sized businesses who are looking for a sleek, modern, reliable payment solution. Features include a capacitive touchscreen thermal printer and NFC.


Verifone V200c

Secure and flexible countertop card machine which has been designed with both the merchant and customer in mind. The Verifone V200c card machine is affordable and enables businesses to accept all payment types from the counter.


Spire SPc5

Proven versatile countertop card machine which is highly secure and capable of accepting high volume daily trnasactions. The Spire SPc5 accepts all payment types such as Chip & Pin and NFC transactions.


Mobile card machine allow you to take payments anywhere

Ingenico Link/2500

Ingenico’s pocketsize mobile card reader is compact, lightweight and enables seamless wireless payments. Using Ingenico’s Telium Tetra operating system it supports all payment methods including NFC/Contactless, Apple and Samsung Pay. Accessibility features include an integrated speaker which provides vocal assistance. The mechanical keypad also features raised marking.


Verifone Carbon Mobile 5

Top class powerful, portable mobile card machine which fits into the palm of your hand. Its is perfect for small business who want to integrate payments with CRM and loyalty programs. As the flagship device of Verifone’s mobile commerce card payment machines merchants are spoiled by a wide range of functions that even go beyond payments. The Carbon Mobile 5 features a HD LCD touchscreen, GPS, Glosnass and has a long battery life.


Verifone e280

Designed for smaller merchants the Veirfone e280 can be paired with any phone or tablet enabling it to be the perfect mobile payment solution. Smaller businesses can accept payments on the go at the point of sale. Popular with merchant that take businesses on the go such as delivery trucks and tradesmen the Verifone e280 POS mobile card machine can handle up to 300 transaction on the go over a period of 11 hours once fully charged.


Verifone e285

Feature packed standalone mobile payment machine. The device supports signature capture and accepts all the latest payment types. Its built on the Verifone Engage platform and focuses on improving customer interactions. The colour touchscreen, powerful processor, connectivity capabilities and on the go battery life makes this a reliable mobile card reader for any small business.


Verifone e355

The Verifone e355 mobile card reader works seamlessly with iOS, Android or Windows smart devices (mobile & Tablets) in order to take card payments.  It comes with an optional barcode scanner for added capabilities and accepts all payment types.


Spire SPm3

As the latest mobile card reader solution from Spire the SPm3 is designed from merchants of all sizes. Whether if you are in hospitality, retail or a small SME this is an ideal mPOS to accept card payments. Spire also offer the SPm2 and SPm20 mobile card reader to businesses.


Retail POS allows you to offer the best customised payment solutions to your customers.



Perfect for merchant who need to t the counter and in mobility. It’s a popular choice in the transport and hospitality sector. The AXIUM D7 is hosted in an open android environment. Combine this with Ingenico secure payment and store management solutions it’s the perfect device. The open system allows web browsing and supports a huge number of applications.


Ingenico APOS A8

This ECR APOS A8 touchscreen payment device is mobile, compact and has been designed with commerce in mind. It provides a state-of-the-art user experience and it packed with functionality. It supports all payment methods even new ones such as Alipay. Coupled with Ingenico services it is the perfect modern payment device.


To conclude, the above gives you a comprehensive list of all the leading card machines on the market currently to enable your business to accept card payments no matter what your needs are. For businesses on the go a mobile card reader is ideal, restaurants and cafes can’t go wrong with a portable card machine and if you take payments on the counter a desktop card machine is perfect for your business. You can get one of these card machines by getting a merchant accounts today. We can help you get started with card payments simple fill out our quotes form to request a quote from all the leading card machine providers.


Why should I get a chip and pin card reader for my small business?

If your business plans on accepting credit card payments you will need a chip and pin machine. Card machines are cost effective, affordable and durable. Without a credit card machine you may turn away valuable customers. Also you will give the impression of cheapness and inconvenience. Today’s consumers seek convenience and efficiency wherever they can find it. Your business should definitely jump on the bandwagon and accept card payments through a chip and pin credit card terminal.


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