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Best credit card machine options for charities to take donations & payments.

card machine for charities

We know how important it is for charities to have a card processing system in place to collect payments. Getting setup with a merchant account to accept payments is very simple but the difficulty can lie in the choice of different payment providers in the market. How can you ensure your charity picks the right card machine provider or payment processing system for your needs?


What to consider when choosing your card machine for charity.


1. Taking payments securely instore: if you want to accept payments in your charity shop a counter top card machine can offer you a quick, secure method of taking payments from behind the counter. A portable and mobile card machine could also be ideal if you want more flexibility in taking payments to your customer. However, for a small charity shop and countertop machine is perfect. Many payment providers provide countertop card machines for charities. Models you may be familiar with are from Ingenico, Verifone and Spire. To get one of these card machines for your charity you will have to sign up to a merchant account provider such as Worldpay or Takepayments.


2. Online Payments: If you also want to accept online card payments through your website you will need to sign up to an online payment gateway. Most merchant account providers provide this. Easily customisable and easy to add to your website adding an online payment solution to your site is an effective way to drive more sales and donations for your charity cause.


3. Phone, Mail or Email Payments: We know many people prefer to make donations over the phone. A Virtual Terminal enables charities to accept payments over the phone. Virtual Terminal can usually be added on to your online payment gateway. Simple put a Virtual Terminal allows you to use a device connected to the internet to process a transaction once you have collected a person’s card information over the phone, web, via mail or even in person.


4. Contactless Donation Boxes: Popular since the rise of contactless payments. Setting up a collection box card payment solution is a sure-fire way to encourage impulse donations. A donation box is simple a standing display unit which can be branded to attract the customers attention. It is fitted with a contactless card machine thus allowing givers to simply donate at their whim.


5. Portable Mobile Card Reader: Emergence of mobile card readers from providers such as iZettle, Sumup and Paypal Here provide solutions that enable your charity to take card machine payments from anywhere. These are ideal if you have staff that may be fund raising on the go. They are really easy to get setup with and enable you to take payments without signing up to a merchant account contract.


Traditionally charity donations would be made by cash. However now the speed and convenience of contactless payments. Charities with contactless payments in place payments solutions in place saw an increase in donation value in study done by the UK Card Association. Contactless card machine for charities allow attended portable payments to be made as well as unattended indoor and outdoor payments to be made by customers. With all the vast array of payments available from cash to the to card payments charities need to make sure they offer customers the choice. Andriod, Apple and Samsung Pay allow customers to even make payments with their mobile phone. So, with less people carrying cash it is important to have accept card payments.


How can I get a card machine for my charity?

No matter what your charity needs are or the type of card machine solution you are looking for we can help. Simple fill in our quote form at the top of the page and we will get the ball rolling for you by putting you in touch with the best card machine providers for charities. Get started today!

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