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Top 10+ card machine providers  for small businesses.


If you have done a little bit of research, you will find that majority of the high street banks in the UK provide merchant account. Yet they charge a higher fee as compared to other payment providers or ISO’s.



It is well worth knowing the difference between different independent sales organisations (ISO). Each of them has a different focus and hence a different fee structure. You will need to assess which merchant account provider suits your business requirements and budget.


Fees charged by a card machine providers depends on a few factors such as what kind of credit cards you want to accept.
Each card payment machine provider will have its own pros and cons. Depending on your business needs, size of business and volume of transactions. Let’s go ahead a look at a few providers below.

Top 10+ Card Payment Machine Providers For Small Businesses: Cost, Fees and Support for UK Businesses.


Monthly Terminal Rental Cost Tranaction Fee Joining Fee Minimum Contract Support
Worldpay £17.5 on standard contract. Other plans will differ. Flexible Pricing Plans No joining cost. £150 one off admin fee to get the card machine. 18 Months Contract 24/7 Customer service
Sagepay From £13 Per Month 2% No joining fee No minimum term 24/7 Customer service
PaymentSense 3.85p per transaction No setup fee N/A 24/7 Customer service
Paypal Zero Between 1%-2.75% One of cost of £45 + VAT for card reader No mimimum term UK Customer Service Team
Payzone NA 0.6% - 2.5% Flat Fee No setup fees 12 Month contract 7 days a week customer service by phone & email.

1. Worldpay

Worldpay is Europe’s biggest merchant account provider. They have a wide variety of options and payment solutions with cost ranging from £0.00- £49.99 per month. They is no joining fee whatsoever and their pricing policy is upfront and simple. Worldpay is trusted and used by more than 3 million businesses in the UK alone.


Their online dashboard offers 24/7 support in the UK. You can access your account and view all your transaction information conveniently anytime you wish. They process payments from different card companies across 116 countries, and are PCI DSS compliant. You can negotiate a smart point of sale system to be included in your merchant account package.


2. Sage Pay

Sagepay is a popular merchant account provider in the UK and provide competitive rates. A credit card usually incurs a 2.5% fee with Sagepay whereas debit cards have a small fee of 40p per transaction. There is no hidden fee involved, and you can take advantage of several types of payment options: face-to-face, phone and online. It is also PCI DSS compliant which means that your payments are transferred securely to you within two days.


3. Payment Sense

Payment Sense has created a market for itself in the UK and already has 50,000 businesses registered with them. It is one of the only merchant service providers in the UK to offer capped rates which most small businesses find affordable and supportive.  Usually businesses can expect to receive their card machine within three days of applying online or over the phone.


Their fees are competitive and fixed so that you won’t get any surprises at any point in your contract with them. PaymentSense have a variety of online tools that you can use for fraud screening, creating invoices and reporting anything suspicious.  Also providing 24/7 customer support for all their UK clients which has made PaymentSense a trusted name as a merchant account provider.


PaymentSense offers a start package from £8.50/month whereas their pro package costs £16.60/month allowing you to process up to £1.2 million a year.


4. Paypal

Paypal merchant account remains at the top of the list regarding popularity for small businesses that are just starting out. It is easy to set-up and has fees as low as £1.9%. It has a few distinct features which make it an ideal choice for most retailers. It has a one-step checkout which saves the customers from the hassle of entering their debit or credit card details each time.


Another great feature of Paypal is that it can accept payment in 25 different currencies and it is integrated with eCommerce solutions such as Shopify, PrestaShop, Magento and WooCommerce.


They have also recently launched its mobile credit card machine called Paypal Here.


5. Payzone

Small businesses who are looking for a short-term contract with no joining or exit fees will find Payzone to be a good choice merchant account provider. Payzone has 12-month contracts and can provide you with countertop, portable or mobile PDQ machines. They also allow transactions over the phone or online, giving you complete control over all kinds of payment methods.


Payzone is a professional company that can set up a merchant account for you in few minutes. Likewise, if an issue arises, they are quick to ship you a new card machine, so you don’t miss out on any important transactions for your business.


It is one of the only providers in the UK which has local staff that can drop in and sort out any issues that you may have.


6. First Data Merchant Account

First Data has been in the UK card acceptance and processing business for last 20 years. It provides in-depth merchant services which cover countertop, mobile, portable, online and contactless solutions. They help to integrate payment terminals into your business website or on premises. They have a service called GlobalChoice which allows businesses to make payments in their home currencies. It has a Data Vault for securing data for future payments, and it is regarded as highly secure merchant service. First Data charges a monthly fee of £15 for 500 transactions or less.


7. Global Payments

Global Payments is originally an American merchant service provider which has its UK office based in Leicester. It already holds 20% of the UK market since it acquired the HSBC merchant services in 2009.


They offers different payment solution covering face-to-face payments and online payment. All major credit and debit cards are supported, providing flexible pricing and rapid processing solutions. It does not mention any fees on its website, but you can contact Global Payments for more information.


8. Elavon

Elavon have been around for more than 20 years and is a leader in providing merchant account services. They offer the latest technology in payment processing and have many large worldwide enterprises as customers.


Elavon offers loyalty and gift card programmes to its merchants. It is by far the number 1 payment processor for airlines as it provides tailored solutions for this industry. It automatically accepts Apple Pay as well.


9. Barclay Card

Barclaycard provide PDQ Machines and virtual terminals to allow businesses to take payments in person, online or over the phone. They offer a range of payment processing options which include mobile, countertop and portable options.


10. Handepay

Handepay pledges to pay you £1000 if they cannot save your business money. It has a 9.7 rating out of 10 on Trustpilot and claim to be the go-to provider for low-cost services. Handepay does not charge any set-up fee, authorisation fee and there are no minimum monthly service charges as well.


11. EVO Payments

Evo Payments was founded in 1989 as an international payment company which currently handles £80 billion worth of transactions around the globe each year. They offer special solutions to UK customers which allow payments to be accepted easily in store, online or over the phone. They offer various price plans to suit different business needs, including all-inclusive bundles. Evo payments also provide a single integration for software developers.


12. Cashflow

Cashflow have been helping businesses process payments online for years. They cover man sectors and are never afraid to disrupt the payments industry. They provide a merchant account to help you receive payments, a payment gateway to enable online payments and a virtual terminal to help businesses accept mail and telephone orders.


13. Lloydsnet Cardnet

Lloydsbank Cardnet process over 1 billion transactions a year. Serving 75,000 businesses Cardnet offers payment processing solutions both online and face to face to businesses of all sizes.


14. XLN pay

Offering affordable card machine solutions to small businesses in the UK.  XLN Pay launched 15 years ago they have served over 500,000 customers. XLN Pay is the perfect solution for start-ups, small shops, hairdressers, cafes and tradesmen.

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