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Top 5 Franking Machine Suppliers in the UK – Updated November 2019


Top 5 Franking Machines Providers


Wondering where to get a franking machine? In the UK only, several manufacturers are authorised by the Royal Mail to distribute franking machines. Below we will go through the top 5 franking machine providers in the UK to help you choose the right supplier for your business.

1. Pitney Bowes

One of the biggest providers of Franking Machines worldwide. Pitney Bowes provides a wide range of machines suitable to both small businesses to large. Their machines have the capacity to deal with thousands of letters a day. Their machines use Mailmark technology to ensure postage is kept at a minimum which will help you save money on business costs.


2. Neopost

Founded in the UK Neopost provide franking machines across the UK and Europe. All Neopost franking machines support Mailmark to keep costs down. Neopost has a limited range of franking machines they still cater for all business types no matter the size. All their franking machines are top class. Cost can range anywhere from £950 for an entry level franking machine to over £15,000. Their franking machines fall into 3 distinct categories low volume (up to 100 items a day), mid volume (up to 350 items a day) and high volume (up to 5,000 items a day)


3. FP Mailing

Founded in Germany – FP Mailing are authorised to manufacture and sell their franking machine in the UK.  Like other major providers their range varies from basic to high end and use Mailmark technology. They are suited to business who send out a high volume of posts. They are known for their innovation in the market and were the first to offer the first electronic as well as digital franking machine.


4. Frama

Founded in Switzerland Frama caters for anyone from small businesses to multinational organisations. They pride themselves in understanding how important the processing of documents is to companies. Like the other suppliers they use the latest Mailmark technology from Royal Mail. They aim to make mailing highly efficient, convenient and simple for businesses.


5. Mailcoms

Popular highly rated independent franking machine supplier in the UK Mailcoms offer Pitney Bowes franking machines with their branding. They also sell other products such as ink and labels from other suppliers such as Neopost, FP Mailing. They are authorised by the Royal Mail to maintain and inspect Franking Machines. A main provider of franking ink. They are one of only two companies approved by Royal Mail to provide ink.


So there you have it – that is top 5 leading suppliers of franking machines in the UK.  If you are in need of a franking machine for your business simply fill in our quote form and we will connect you with all the leading supplier for a quote.

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