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What is an ePos System?


EPOS or Electronical Point of Sale Systems are the modern day cash register. With an EPOS system businesses can take transactions via cash or by credit card and print receipts in-store. . By getting a EPOS system for your business you receive both the till that is used to take the payments as well as the software needed to run it. They are widely used in retail, hospitality, cafes and restaurants.



Whilst the main function of an EPOS system is to take payments there are many other important features that make EPOS systems a much better alternative to historic cash machines. These include:


  1. User friendly touch screen
  2. Barcode scanning, item searches
  3. Integrated chip and pin card payment solutions
  4. Detailed Reports on stock, sales etc
  5. Staff Tracking
  6. Stock management
  7. Barcode creation and printing
  8. Customer management
  9. Reward/Loyalty schemes
  10. Stock lookup in multiple locations
  11. Feeding information into your website


How does an EPOS System work?


EPOS systems are highly flexible – they comprise of hardware, software and other peripherals that are suited to a point of sales environment. A touch screen cash draw, scanner and printer are common components that you can expect to find in a modern day EPOS System. In high demand environment such as supermarkets EPOS systems are configured to work with barcode scanners to enable pricing to be scanned with high accuracy giving the huge range of products available. This allows staff to work quicker.


What are the benefits of a retail EPOS System?


  • It ensures accurate pricing
  • Faster transactions
  • Reduces human error
  • Improves data integrity
  • Prices can be changed easily for special offers
  • Provides accurate sales reporting



The most important thing about EPOS systems is that they can be tailored to your individual and specific business needs. Along with store purchases, online ordering, telephone sales, catalogues and the like, EPOS ultimately offers benefit after benefit for your company and your customers.



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