Countertop Chip & Pin Machine For Small Businesses

Countertop Chip & Pin Machine For Small Businesses

| Merchant Accounts

Take quick and easy card payments over the counter.

Accept secure card payments over the counter with the desktop card machine. If you wish to accept payments from a stationary location this is the perfect terminal for your business. Simply insert the customer’s card into the card machine, enter the amount and ask the customer to enter their PIN.

Transactions are authorised and authenticated immediately, helping to reduce fraud and chargebacks. The funds are then credited to your  merchant account within a few  days (depending on the card issuing bank and your ). Every month you can view your statement which details the transactions processed including how much you paid.

restaurant taking card machine payment from customer

Designed to operate from a stationary point, this makes the card machine perfect for over the counter retail. The desktop card machine can also be equipped with contactless technology, making payments quicker and easier.


Features and benefits:

  • accept Chip and PIN payments
  • accept all major credit cards
  • offer contactless technology*
  • process transactions in all major currencies
  • comply with PCI DSS industry standards
  • process transactions when the customer is not present
  • customise your colour screen*
  • print receipts quickly
  • afix to a counter
  • full installation & training service

Commonly used by:

  • retailers
  • stationary shops
  • convenience stores
  • grocers

To help you take your customers’ payments quickly, our team can help you get the best rate on merchant accounts with the UK’s  leading suppliers.

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