Google Ads vs Facebook Ads vs Bing Ads – What is the number one paid marketing channel worldwide?

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Visual Map below shows Google trumps Facebook and Bing across Europe, Facebook has the majority of popularity in North America and also in China.


We have been looking at what the number one paid marketing channels by interest is worldwide in 2018 (115 countries to be exact). Using Google data we’ve looked at the popularity of the three biggest paid marketing platforms Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads.

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads vs Bing Ads - What is the number one paid marketing channel worldwide? 1


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The results are interesting… not unexpected but interesting none the least. If this was done a decade ago it would have been dominated by Google but Facebook is here now and has become a major paid channel for many businesses. Bing Ads on the other hand does not fare as well. Let have a look at the results below…


Few Highlights Before We Get Into The Data 

  • UK – Google and Facebook ads have an equal amount of interest at 46% each. The UK ranks 5th on the list for interest in Bing Ads at 8%.
  • USA – Facebook leads the way with 51% whilst Google has only 43% of the share. Bing Ads takes a respectable 6% of the market.
  • France – The number one country for Bing Ads interest across the 3 paid channel along with Germany. Bing holds at country high 10% in France. Google clocks in at 50% whilst France 40%.




Percentage Share Per Country – Google Ads vs Facebook Ads vs Bing Ads.




Yes so that’s alot of data to take… what is the overall conclusion?

Google ads hangs on to the number one spot overall amongst the 115 country with an average interest of 54%, Facebook ads comes in a close second with an average interest of 44%. Bing Ads doesn’t fare too well with a low percentage of only 2%. So to conclude Google still rains supreme but not by much, Facebook is coming and Bing is fast becoming the forgetting channel of paid marketing.


*Figure in the above table were right at the time of publishing and will likely change with time.


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