Boost Business Profits with a PDQ Machine

Boost Business Profits with a PDQ Machine

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A PDQ terminal is the actual machine that processes credit card transactions. A business goes through several steps before acquiring this machinery in order to become a merchant. The most common place for these machines is in any retail environment. The machine is linked directly to a bank via telephone.

card machine for small businessesA business must apply for a merchant account before being able to process credit and debit cards. This account allows the business to make transactions through a merchant service retailer. There are two basic types of machines to choose from after the business has decided on the type of merchant account to open.

The two types are online and offline. Online machines are connected directly and orders are processed right away. Offline machines use a save and wait method which will process the transaction once a signal with the machine has been established.

There are many advantages to using either of these machines. Some advantages to a PDQ terminal are:


  • Save Time (the machines process the transaction instantly)
  • Tracking On All Purchases
  • Very Cost Effective (higher volume processing)
  • No Actual Money (Paper) Changing Hands
  • Protection of Data on Sales and Purchases
  • Increased Revenue Due to Higher Sales


Using a one of these machines has become increasingly popular because of how easy they are to use. In recent years the machines have changed from taking credit card transactions using a slider that implanted the cards image onto paper to the now popular swiping method. The new method provides much safer transactions and is much more reliable.

No matter what type of business you run you will definitely need to acquire a merchant account and the necessary equipment in order to be successful. Whether you decide that you need a presence in your store-front or you need a portable machine to accept credit and debit cards is imperative to act quickly before the competition gets ahead of you.

Consumers are very cost conscientious these days due to the economy. These consumers are still spending money; however they are doing business more frequently using their credit cards. If your business does not have the capabilities to accept these cards then you are at a major disadvantage.

A PDQ terminal will provide your company with the ability to accept these credit cards and debit cards quickly with greater reliability. The convenience of being able to swipe a credit card with instant transactions is what all consumers want. Not only is it great for the consumer but the business will also enjoy all of the benefits of doing business this way. What business would not want higher profits, more secure transactions, with a highly reliable back office? The answer is the business that will fail.

Whether it is safe credit card transactions or the security of a reliable machine, choosing to purchase a PDQ terminal is the best option for any business. To build a successful business today one must accept the fact that quick, reliable, and cost efficient alternatives are the way to go.


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