Benefits of having a vehicle tracking system

Benefits of having a vehicle tracking system

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Vehicle tracking systems are designed to help your fleet or delivery business.  There are numerous ways the system can work for you.  We will examine a few of the more key features of vehicle tracking systems.

Perhaps the most important feature of vehicle tracking is tracking your fleets movements.  In fact, we could break this feature down into a few distinct categories to discuss the benefits of the tracking system.

  1. You want to know where your fleet cars and trucks are always.
  2. You want to be able to lower your operational costs allowing you to earn more profit.

These two statements discuss in general how and why tracking their movements is important.  First, if you know where your vehicles are always you can track what the driver is doing.  You know when to tell the consumer that their goods or services are about to arrive.  The system makes it easier to find the driver if there is a breakdown.  All of this means that you have a handle on your business and its employees in the event that you need to contact the drivers or track a stolen vehicle.

The second statement is a huge motivator in getting vehicle tracking installed. When you know where your employees are you can discern if they are padding their mileage or work hours report.  This will save you in operational costs.  However, vehicle tracking can save money in other areas.

Excessive idling is the number one reason why your company wastes money.  Any time the truck is running it is burning fuel.  If the driver is stopped at a business or on delivery the truck should be off.  There is no reason for it to idle. By cutting down on the amount of fuel used you can save thousands each year.

Stolen vehicles are hard to recover.  Police have to get involved; you have to prove to the insurance agency that the vehicle is stolen, and that they need to pay out.  Each time a vehicle is stolen your insurance premiums will rise.  Vehicle tracking makes it easier for the fleet truck to be recovered as the police can find where it is.  Since you have added security on your vehicle you also get a discount on the insurance premiums.

By getting your employees in line, stopping fuel waste, and making it easier to recover your lost vehicle you are reducing operational costs.  There is also one more thing to consider.  A client who is unhappy may take their business elsewhere.  You may also be fined for a late shipment, which means you do not make as much profit on the delivery.  Since the client can penalise you for such things you may find your revenue is also suffering.

In learning where your drivers are you have better information to give to the client.  You also can lower your operational costs and ensure a top revenue stream is coming your way.  All of this makes vehicle tracking imperative.


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